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I curate local businesses with lcoal art for a period of 3 months. There is a nominal hanging fee. Beyond that, there is no commission taken if any pieces sell. The flat fee enables artists to freely price however they see fit without having to take the commission into account. The fee is to cover my services in arranging, hanging, facilitating any transactions, and promotion.


Some of the locations are associated with a reception to which you can invite family and friends and celebrate your work.


Featuring art at a public location such as a coffee shop, is a good way to gain exposure and network with a population that may not otherwise see your work in a typical gallery location.


For more details on locations, availability, and arrangements, email or via Contact form. Please include photos or a link to a site to show examples of your work.


Click pictures to view artist sites.

Melissa Kenney with her art
Julianne Snyder art featured in cafe

Melissa Kenney - Featured Artist - HeadHouse Cafe


Julianne Snyder - Featured Artist - Good Karma Cafe


Raj Sarma with his photography

Raj Sarma - Featured Artist - Cake & the Beanstalk


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